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Interested in Joining the Quad Staff?

Are you interested in writing, designing, or taking photos? Do you want to work on a team to create a lasting record of your time here at Stanford, all while getting paid? Consider applying to join the Quad staff! Below are descriptions of the various positions available, with leadership positions possible in most areas.


Writers are in charge of producing articles to be featured and published in the yearbook. The articles will cover student lifestyle, various campus events, projects by various student groups, and coverage of Stanford traditions, among other things. This includes getting quotations and interviews from the student body, from faculty, and from other notable people. Writers should work closely with photographers to produce a page with an article and photos that are thematically connected.


Photographers are in charge of taking photos of residences, student life, and community events. They work closely with the editors and writers to ensure that all photos, artistic or group shots, should be of high quality and look great in the book while also being relevant. Additionally, photographers should record notes about the events they are working to aid in fully capturing the details of the events.


Graphic designers work with professional software to design all the layouts in the book. Working closely with editors and other staff members, they will create layouts the reflect the theme and topic of each spread. Designers should make sure layouts are consistent with the theme of book and ensure that the theme is incorporated in as many ways as possible.

Business and Administrative Associates

Associates will work directly with the financial officers and the editor-in-chief on all financial and administrative behind-the-scene duties, which include managing the budget, marketing and advertising, answering any Quad-related inquiries, and helping to organize events. Associates will be in line to become future business managers and financial officers.

How Can I Get Involved?

While we work year-round on the book, it's never too late to get involved. Fill out the form below to apply for the Quad and we will get back to you to discuss possible positions! Most importantly, there is no experience necessary! We will train you for whatever position you apply for, so if you're interested but don't have experience, you should still apply!

Additionally, contact the editor-in-chief, John Nguyen, for more information about joining the staff.